Technology Fun Facts

outdated technology including phones, computers, mice, keyboards, and storage is displayed on shelves in the Information Technology office
Old technology doesn’t die … it lives on shelves in the Office of Information Technology.

27,000: Average number of emails received per day

5,800: Average number of emails sent per day

2,500: Average number of Teams messages per day

280 GB: Average data streams of Netflix per day

650: Miles a year information technology staff traverse to complete work orders

450: WiFi access points on campus

24,000: Feet of fiber-optic cable under the campus

Purple: Color of Russell Science Center’s ethernet cable

18.4 TB: Amount of data stored on Cornell’s Google Drive

33.9 TB: Amount of data stored on-site 

Odd objects found inside computers: Twizzlers, a dead mouse, live and dead spiders, beer, used gum, and wrappers