5 professors you should know

5 faculty3x2Meet five Cornell College faculty at the midpoint of their careers, each with deep commitments to their students and their scholarship. 

Several followed a straight path to graduate school and found Cornell. Others left unrelated careers to pursue their passion. Two are alumni who returned to teach on the block plan. 

These associate professors, who represent varied fields of study, told us what they have spent their careers investigating and why, what they enjoy about teaching on the Hilltop, and what the future holds for them and their students.

The anthropologist: Associate Professor of Anthropology Misha Quill

The organic chemist: Associate Professor of Chemistry Jai Shanata ’05

The wildlife conservationist: Associate Professor of Biology Tammy Mildenstein

The neuroscientist: Associate Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Neuroscience Steven Neese

The physical therapist: Associate Professor of Kinesiology Kristi Meyer ’01