Trustees donate $350,000 for staff, faculty

The recent announcement that the Cornell College Board of Trustees donated $350,000 for faculty and staff to receive a bonus was picked up by the local media.

Photo of the newspaper with the headline 'well done'The Gazette published an article, “Cornell College trustees donate $350K for special employee bonus,” on Oct. 4, 2021.

The article shared a portion of email from President Jonathan Brand and Board of Trustees Chair Jeff Jensen announcing the one-time bonuses following a tough pandemic year and the derecho:

“You responded immediately and worked day and night to get the campus prepared for our students. And, as none of us will forget, the pandemic required the change of all norms and protocols across the campus.”

Director of Admission Operations Sharon Grice also shared her thoughts within the article.

“The fact that the Board of Trustees took their own personal funds to contribute toward a bonus is what made me pause,” she said to the Gazette. “It’s as if the trustees are saying to us, ‘We see you. We know how hard this past year has been. We know how hard everyone has worked. And we see incredible results.’”