Living life Audaciously

Cornellians are reinventing their lives. We often marvel at this in the class news pages. These are graduates who follow a dream, adapt to major changes, pivot from unfulfilling careers, escape the rat race, pick up and move. While the changes they make are varied, they all share the characteristic of listening to and honoring their inner voice.

Six Cornellians who have made audacious changes in their lives told us the stories of what they did, why they did it, and how they are finding fulfillment as a result. One of them has now made a career of leading others through change, and she shares her guidance on how to do it well.

Kanesha Lee Baynard ’94: Transitioning boldly toward opportunity

Tips for transitions by Kanesha Lee Baynard ’94

Carrie Hill Steckl ’92: From the halls of academia to a broom closet

Ryan Beckman ’99: Navigating the waters of life

Carole Baskerville Carson ’63: Reinventing life at 79

Susan Zimmerman ’73: From Wall Street to advocacy

Renee Minges Jeffreys Heil ’93: Frustration leads to action