Goldberg guest column published in Des Moines Register

Megan Goldberg
Megan Goldberg

Assistant Professor of American Politics Megan Goldberg was recently featured as a guest columnist in the Des Moines Register for a piece she wrote, “Iowa deserves, and needs, a full-time legislature.”

In the opinion column, she writes: 

Now that the Iowa Legislature has wrapped up, weeks after the last day legislators received per diem pay, it’s time to consider a full-time legislature. Iowa currently has a “hybrid” legislature: one that does not meet year-round, has low enough pay that most legislators require another job in addition to their legislative one, and a fairly limited staff that also only works during the legislative session. The argument for this arrangement is that hybrid or part-time legislatures foster closer connections between the people and the state and avoid a class of professional politicians; however, Iowa’s current legislative design concentrates law-making power in the hands of the governor and organized interest groups outside of the state.

Goldberg started teaching at Cornell College in 2019-20 and has actively shared her expertise with news outlets.