Dear Cornell: 3 Cornellians offer memories, advice

We asked three Cornellians to highlight favorite memories on the Hilltop and provide sound advice for future underrepresented students. Thank you for the good times, the lessons, and the laughter. We would not be who we are today without your encouragement and rigor. 

Dawson-Dhanak-Sanchez-LopezJanah Cook Dawson ’09: Every student deserves to feel at home
Dover, New Hampshire
Family and photographer/owner, Quiver & Arrow Photography
Major: Psychology

Laura Sanchez-Lopez ’13: Seek or be a mentor, and unplug
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Lab manager, military base water lab
Major: Biochemistry and molecular biology
Minor: Kinesiology

Ujjesa Dhanak ’19: Make your voice heard
Denver, Colorado
Relocation Manager
Majors: Economics and business, Spanish
Minor: Ethnic studies