Alliance provides welcoming space for all

If there’s one thing you need to know about Alliance, it’s that the members of this Cornell College student organization are not only dedicated to creating a welcoming space for the LGBTQIA+ community, but for everyone.

Gwen Farris photo
Gwen Farris

“Alliance aims to create a place on campus that is safe and welcoming for LGBTQ+ students,” said Gwen Farris, president of Alliance. “It is also a space where students can learn more about issues and participate in discussions that they may not otherwise have.”

Alliance holds three meetings each block during the academic year, and any students are welcome to attend. During the meetings, the group talks about current LGBTQIA+ news and chooses a discussion topic such as agender pride, queer performance spaces, among others.

“We also have a hero of the week, which is a LGBTQ+ person in the media that we want to highlight,” said President of Alliance Gwen Farris. “Plus, we hold a support meeting each block where anyone can come and talk about their lives in a welcoming space.”

Farris is a psychology and theatre major who also fulfills the role of fundraising chair for Student Theatre Council (STC) and is a member of Phi Lambda Xi. This will be her second year on Alliance’s executive board. She says she is excited to expand the group and create more events during the 2021-22 academic year.

“I want our group to be known as a welcoming community that is always available for students,” Farris said. “Alliance has been a great place for me to meet more LGBTQ+ people on campus and have longer discussions about sexuality and current issues that felt safe and welcoming.”

Alliance members enjoy working with other groups to hold events such as Safe Zone trainings and discussion-based events like a talkback they held for a STC play reading last school year.

While Alliance’s members aren’t on campus during Pride Month, many are celebrating in their own way during summer break.

“Pride Month is a great time to remember LGBTQ+ history and celebrate the accomplishments that have been made,” Farris said. “There is a lot of work to be done but Pride Month is also a time for celebration and joy. I think Pride Month is about taking care of yourself; being proud means something different to everyone.”

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