Think you know your stuff about Iowa?

Think you’re an Iowa trivia whiz? Give these 10 questions from Iowa trivia champ Jessica Rundlett ’07 a try.


  1. Where is Iowa’s only National Cemetery?
  2. In what hilly Iowa city will you find the Fenelon Place Elevator?
  3. What famous Civil War General (and friend of President Abraham Lincoln) lived in Council Bluffs?
  4. Two First Ladies of the United States were born in Iowa. Name them.
  5. The oldest functioning county courthouse in Iowa was built in 1843. Where is it?
  6. Le Mars, Iowa, is known as the ___ _____ Capital of the World.
  7. During what war were there Prisoner of War Camps in Iowa?
  8. Where are two of the largest freestanding grain bins in the world?
  9. What college was first in the nation to promote a woman to a full professorship with the same salary as her male colleagues?
  10. NASA Astronaut Peggy Whitson was the first woman to command the International Space Station and holds the record for
    most time spent in space by a U.S. astronaut. What is her hometown?
Harriette Cooke
Harriette J. Cooke was the nation’s first female professor to receive the same salary as a male at that rank. Cooke, a professor of German and history, joined the Cornell College faculty in 1857.


  1. Keokuk
  2. Dubuque
  3. General Grenville M. Dodge
  4. Lou Henry Hoover (Waterloo) and Mamie Eisenhower (Boone)
  5. Keosauqua
  6. Ice Cream
  7. World War I I (There were camps at Algona and Clarinda.)
  8. Atlantic
  9. Cornell College (Harriette Cooke)
  10. Beaconsfield