How Cornellians are countering the pandemic

The story of how Cornell and Cornellians countered COVID-19from student research to alumni first responders (with a bit of time traveling to see how we did it in 1918).

A small college with big data
Fall2020_cover_4x5A research team of faculty and students reviews local COVID-19 testing and hospital data to create a comprehensive weekly decision-making matrix for the college.

The story of how Cornell adapted
Keeping students, faculty, and staff safe led to our very first online courses, and now to testing and mitigation measures across campus.

One online course at a time
Rethinking courses and conducting them online has caused some Cornell professors to find new and even improved ways to teach and connect with their students.

Cornellians respond
Cornellians are offering care, intelligence, and hope in response to the global pandemic that has paused life as we know it.

The 1918 pandemic
The Hilltop experienced a dramatic upheaval during the 1918–1919 influenza pandemic.