Goldberg discusses impact of Supreme Court nomination on election

Assistant Professor of American Politics Megan Goldberg was featured in a story on KCRG-TV9 on Sept. 22, “Cornell College professor discusses what impact a Supreme Court nomination could have on November election.

In the article, Goldberg discusses the impact the Supreme Court nomination process could have on close competitions, such as the race between Republican Joni Ernst and Democrat Theresa Greenfield. 

Since the public doesn’t directly nominate justices, Goldberg told KCRG that Greenfield’s team could use the nomination to encourage undecided or inactive voters to mobilize on her behalf. 

“…This means potentially a reversal of Roe v. Wade. This means potentially an overturning of Obamacare in its entirety,” Goldberg said to KCRG. “And when you can sort of give these concrete examples, it’s a lot easier for voters to think about its relation to their own lives compared to how far left or right are we moving the Supreme Court because that’s an abstract concept that most people don’t devote a ton of time thinking about.”

Goldberg told KCRG that she didn’t expect the nomination to reverse votes for those who have already selected their candidates for the November election.