President Brand shares fall plans with WMT

President Jonathan Brand was interviewed on the AM 600 WMT Morning Show about Cornell’s plans to return to campus. 

Cornell College will welcome students to campus as it reopens for the fall 2020 semester with classes beginning Aug. 24 for Block 1.

“As we went into the process, we started by articulating our highest priorities, obviously we wanted to take steps that minimize risk and that focused on the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and anyone who might be on campus, recognizing that we also have students who also need to continue their studies and move toward graduation in four years or even faster than four years,” Brand told WMT.

Over the coming weeks, the college will confirm a schedule for a phased move-in of the student body. Faculty are also wrapping up plans related to each course that Cornell offers–some classes will be held fully in-person in modified classrooms with appropriate physical distancing, some classes will have a hybrid format of online and in-person sessions, and some classes will be offered fully online to accommodate both in-person and remote learners.