London Review features Carrington’s book

The London Review of Books has published a lengthy and descriptive review of Assistant professor of German Studies and History Tyler Carrington’s book, “Love at Last Sight.”

Love-at-Last-Sight book“Carrington uses the case notes from the murder investigation to bring to light experiences that don’t usually make it into history books,” wrote reviewer Chloë Daniel. “Frieda’s life, especially her love life, he argues, reveals the tensions inherent in the urban middle-class experience during this period: between older and younger generations, between respectability and opportunity, between the public perception of events and reality.” 

In the book, Carrington uses Frieda’s life and murder to explore themes related to dating in the big city around the turn of the 20th century in Berlin, Germany. Carrington said that while many men and women found the usual ways of dating insufficient in the modern city, the city also created new opportunities for finding love. 

Daniel, a regular contributor to the London Review of Books, lives in Berlin and blogs about Germany.