How 4 retiring faculty made their marks at Cornell

Four faculty retired in May after shaping Cornell College students, programs, and the institution itself for a combined total of 112 years. We asked them about their careers, and we asked former students about their impact. 

4_Cornell_RetireesIn the words of one of their former students, it’s sad to think that future Cornellians will not know them or their teaching.

Read how a math professor inspired non-majors to find beauty in mathematical ideas, how a computer science professor built that major from the ground up, and how two music professors challenged their students and created an expectation of excellence. You’ll also find here their official emeritus citations.

Lisa Hearne, music: Created an expectation of excellence 

Martin Hearne, music: Challenged students above their abilities—with amazing results

Tony deLaubenfels, computer science & mathematics: Helped build Computer Science Department from the ground up

Stephen Bean, mathematics: Inspired non-majors to find beauty in mathematical ideas