Cornell College featured on front page of The Gazette

Cornell College was featured in an article, “In coronavirus pandemic, more campuses looking to Cornell as model for new way forward,” which was published on the front page of The (Cedar Rapids) Gazette on Sunday, May 3.

Photo of newspaperThe article reports on how other colleges are looking to Cornell as a model for the block plan schedule, which allows a lot of flexibility, especially during a pandemic.

“While many schools across the country are testing schedules with similarities to our block system, it’s not our first time around the block,” Brand told The Gazette. “We’ve been doing what most would consider a new thing, investing our time, treasure and talents for 42 years and we’re virtually unique in the higher ed space.”

The article also focuses on changes Cornell has adopted to prevent disruptions for students.

The college has approved a more flexible academic calendar that moves from eight to 10 blocks beginning in 2020-2021. In a matter of days, college leadership drafted a plan and presented it to faculty. With overwhelming approval, Cornell’s One Course At A Time calendar (one class for three and a half weeks, repeated eight times a year) will now include two additional “flex blocks.”