Ebert thrives on opportunities

Sophomore Kenna Ebert isn’t waiting around for opportunities, she’s actively pursuing them.

Kenna Ebert
Kenna Ebert

That’s the single most important thing this Arkansas native says she’s learned since she started her college career on the Hilltop, which is a change from how she went about her education in high school.

“I realized that I wanted to conduct research during my first year at Cornell,” Ebert said. “However, I did not actively pursue this until my sophomore year, when I applied to be an undergraduate research assistant in the Cornell Eating Disorder Institute. I had to put myself out there in a way I was previously uncomfortable doing, and it completely paid off. Additionally, I applied to be a flock leader for New Student Orientation after my first year, even though I was not sure if I was qualified. I went through the interview process and was hired. I really enjoyed meeting the incoming first years and practicing my leadership skills.”

Kenna is also perfecting her skills on multiple other levels. She’s pursuing her dreams of securing a degree in psychology at Cornell, one that she’s had since middle school. She says studying psychology at Cornell is full of opportunities and interesting courses. The most impactful course for her, so far, was Professor of Psychology Melinda Green’s class Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. 

“It was the first 300 level class I had ever taken, so I was very nervous,” she said. “Additionally, it was with Melinda Green, a professor I have looked up to since coming to Cornell. Despite being the youngest student in the class, I believe I handled the class well. I am proud of the work I did in that class, and it gave me the confidence to step outside my academic comfort zone.”

On top of all of her courses for her major, she’s earning a double minor in statistics and Spanish. She was surprised by how well statistics works with a psychology major at Cornell. Plus, she wants a Spanish minor to communicate with as many people as possible.

So many dreams, and so much time to accomplish them. 

This sophomore is really just getting started, taking advantage of every single opportunity she can find along the way as she plans for her future.

“After Cornell, I hope to attend graduate school and earn a doctoral degree in Psychology,” Ebert said. “I also hope to conduct lots of research along the way. After obtaining a doctoral degree, I plan to work as a clinical psychologist.”