You Said: Spring 2020

Said on campus

Hemie Collier

“You leave a legacy by treating people well.

“Believe and be passionate about something and be thoughtful about what you do and say.”

Hemie Collier
Director of Intercultural Life, at the Jan. 13, 2020, All-College Gathering


Feeling the love

facebook iconOn Monday evening, Jan. 27, we made a simple Facebook request: “If you can see this post, comment with the name(s) of your favorite Cornell College professor(s).”

Over the next 48 hours we heard from over 320 of you, naming dozens of professors. Some faculty even got involved by responding to their former students.

Jay Anderson ’90 summed it up with his post, “Clear message: LOTS of amazing professors and mentors.” His list: Stephen Lacey ’65, David Weddle, Paul Gray.

The traffic light where it all began

The corner of the new traffic light in Mount Vernon (fall 2019 issue) was responsible for my lifelong interest in law enforcement. My apartment overlooked that corner (First Street West and Fifth Avenue), and I complained to city council about drivers running the school crosswalk signal every morning. When Mayor Otis Young (also a member of Cornell’s education department) tossed a badge at me in 1963 and told me to take care of the problem, I did. For a year the Mount Vernon Police Department had 2½ officers [Gus being part-time]. Later I was a volunteer deputy sheriff in Colorado, and still later I ran for sheriff in McHenry County, Illinois. Right there was where it all started.

Frank “Gus” Philpott ’65
Columbia, South Carolina

Fall issue excels

The disadvantage of performing at an excellent level for decades is that you tend to be taken for granted. Therefore, it behooves those who are the beneficiaries of that excellence to publicly express our gratitude as a modest reward for the continuation of that excellence. Your fall edition is a case in point. With its myriad of diverse subjects, such as the species of trees to be found on the campus, the challenge of educators’ journeys, athletics, and even the new owners of Bauman’s, the edition cannot help but pique the interest of the broadest spectrum of readers.

While clearly Dee Ann Rexroat ’82 has assembled a fine staff and an award-winning printer, her firm but sensitive blending of all of the components deserves special mention.

Carry on, Cornell Report!

Tom Cox ’52
Lake Forest, Illinois

Compelling content

This fall’s Cornell Report was a real page turner. I sat down for a quick browse and ended up with a two-hour read! I kept turning pages and saying “Wow! That’s something I really wanted to know.” The infrastructure agreement, historic tidbits, the Ulysses kit, the Bauman’s news, King Chapel’s bells, the Science Center, an educator’s journey, the new MFA. It is a long list. I was enticed by the beautiful leaf cover and Giants of Cornell story and never disappointed. Thank you, Cornell!

Nancy Emrich Freeman, parent and faculty spouse
Mount Vernon, Iowa

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