Eddie Moore Jr. ’89: Addressing privilege in America

Eddie Moore Jr. ’89

Major: Politics

Bio: Ph.D.; Consultant, America & Moore, LLC;  founder and program director, The White Privilege Conference and The Privilege Institute; author; cofounder of the journal Understanding and Dismantling Privilege; cofounder of Recovery and Moore Podcast

“Cornell College prepared me to overcome obstacles, be a leader, and to always give back with MooreImpact.”

I started America & Moore in 1996 to provide comprehensive diversity, privilege, and leadership trainings and workshops. In 2014 I co-founded The Privilege Institute (TPI) to engage people in research, education, action, and leadership through workshops, conferences, publications, and strategic partnerships and relationships. TPI represents a diverse and multi-disciplinary network of activists, educators, and youth leaders interested in disrupting the systemic structure of white supremacy, white privilege, and other forms of oppression that impact all our lives.

While director of Intercultural Life at Cornell College, I founded the White Privilege Conference (WPC), now in its 21st year. The WPC is committed to a philosophy of understanding, respecting, and connecting and is not designed to attack, degrade, or beat up on white folks. It is built on the premise that the U.S. was started by white people, for white people. The WPC is open to everyone and examines issues of privilege beyond skin color including race, gender, sexuality, class, disability, etc.—we all have privilege, and we’re all affected by privilege.

#BlessedForStress is one of my mottos. Throughout the journey to find my life’s passion (work) there have been real challenges (25-plus years clean and sober), real love from my birth mom (Marie Moore) and Cornell mom (Ruth Keefe Miller ’66), real guidance from my coaches (Jerry Voss ’79 and Steve Miller ’65), real mentorship from my mentors (Thom Determan, Geneva Gay, Gary Howard, Bob Bierie), real knowledge from my professors (Dave Loebsack, Craig Allin, Rob Sutherland, John Hess, Michelle Young, Scott McNabb, Carolyn Wanat, David Bills), and #MooreInspiration from family and friends.

Most importantly, I’ve lived and worked hard during a time where Moore awesome career paths and opportunities have opened up related to diversity, privilege, and leadership education.

I’d like to be remembered as a family man, hardworking, and a fearless advocate. I want everyone I’ve inspired to inspire others and to always take action and be advocates for peace, equity, and justice. Remember, it’s a real privilege to be optimistic and not take action. We need to be Moore #PisTaMisTic: You’re optimistic, but you’re always taking action!

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