Dr. Garrett Feddersen ’08: ‘Look out for each other’

As director of emergency services for Buena Vista Regional Medical Center in Storm Lake, Iowa, Dr. Garrett Feddersen ’08 has implemented many changes as COVID-19 was discovered, such as greatly restricting visitor access to the hospital and limiting non-essential visits. 

The following was adapted and updated with Feddersen from a March 18 KKIA 92.9-FM interview in order to save his time.

This is part of a series of stories on Cornellians responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The more we can slow this virus down the better off we are,” Feddersen said. “If it looks like we overreacted then we succeeded. It’s been a long time in the United States since we’ve seen anything like this. You’d have to go back to the ’50s to see the last major quarantines for any pandemic, and since then we’ve been remarkably fortunate in this country with our health advances.

“This is about protecting the people around you even if you won’t get sick. It’s about protecting healthcare workers, police officers, and limiting the impact this has on our community, our country, and our economy. The more we can look out for each other and help each other, the better off we can be. I think the shelter in place orders and lockdowns are quite appropriate in helping us stop the spread.”  

Feddersen majored in politics and biochemistry and molecular biology at Cornell.

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