IPR previews Cornell’s U.S. premiere of ‘The Flood, Requiem’

Iowa Public Radio’s Barney Sherman interviewed Dutch composer Douwe Eisenga about his work, “The Flood, Requiem,” making its U.S. premiere at Cornell on Nov. 8.  The story appears on iowapublicradio.org along with audio of the 10-minute interview broadcast on KSUI-FM.


Wikimedia image of the 1953 flood in the Netherlands.
Wikimedia image of the 1953 flood in the Netherlands.

Fifty years after the 1953 North Sea flood that drowned 1,836 people in the Netherlands, Eisenga was commissioned to write a memorial piece.

“He wanted to create a work that honored the occasion but also transcended it and spoke to audiences outside the Netherlands. He succeeded,” Sherman wrote. 

He added that Cornell College Department of Music professors Martin and Lisa Hearne “fell in love with the work after a search for music that addresses floods. They were haunted by Iowa’s ongoing challenges with flooding and, also, by Martin’s experience of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.”