KCRG-TV covers historic clock reinstallation

KCRG-TV9 produced a story on the reinstallation of the Seth Thomas clock that aired Oct. 10, 2019. 

Senior Hunter David was interviewed for the story.
Senior Hunter David was interviewed by KCRG-TV9.

The story notes that time has stood still on King Chapel for over a year while the rare 1882 Seth Thomas Model 17 clock was restored in New York state.  

“Cornell College can be proud of what they have here,” said Chuck Roeser, who reconstructed the clock in New York state. “All of these other clocks that were in the colleges I know of, no others that are running and striking, this will be the only one.”

Senior Hunter David was interviewed for the story as part of the baseball team that carried clock parts and weights up into the tower.

“It helps when you have 70 guys helping,” Davis said. “We have the biggest team on campus this year, and we have a lot of strong senior leaders.”