Ethical Perspectives focuses on the high school experience

Professor Leon Tabak, Cornell College students Marcus Quirk and Xizi Han, and Coe College student Nina Watrin recently held a discussion about the high school experience outside of the United States which was inspired by a book by Amanda Ripley titled “The Smartest Kids in the World—and how they got that way.”  Ripley spent a year studying secondary schools and looking at comparisons of education in various countries. She recruited three American students who participated in study abroad programs to be her eyes inside the schools.

Marcus is a native of Scotland, and attended schools in Brunei and England before coming to Cornell College. Xizi’s home is in China and he shared experiences from schooling in China and in a high school in Anchorage, Alaska. Nina is German, and in Iowa on exchange for one year at Coe College.

The program is organized by the Inter-Religious Council of Linn County and aired Sunday, September 29.