Barbuto finds success as a world-traveling teacher

Emily Barbuto 2000
Barbuto in 2009.

Emily Barbuto ՚00 travels the world for fun and for work.

Immediately after Barbuto graduated with her degree in elementary education, she started her international teaching career. 

She wrapped up a teaching stint in Atyrau, Kazakhstan, and is in the process of moving to Ashgabat, Turkmenistan, for another teaching position with Quality Schools International. When she’s not teaching, she’s traveling, which isn’t too surprising considering she graduated with a minor in anthropology

Emily Barbuto Class of 2000
Barbuto today.

“I took so many anthropology courses for fun that I accidentally ended up with an anthropology minor,” Barbuto says. 

If you haven’t already guessed it, Barbuto exudes fun. Not a bad trait for a teacher of young children. You know what else isn’t such a bad skill for an elementary school teacher? Juggling.

“I have fond memories of juggling on the Orange Carpet,” Barbuto says. 

She’s carried a couple of other skills with her that have come in handy. 

“I’m good at managing my time and getting things done on short deadlines,” Barbuto says, attributing those skills and her success to Cornell’s block plan. “I highly recommend One Course At A Time.”