On Topic: Success habits

5 Cornell College Trustees answer the question: What are your success habits?

John Turner '94John Turner ’94
Head of Trading, Alyeska Investment Group

Make a habit of surrounding yourself with people who might be smarter or faster or more talented than you are. It’s the best way to challenge yourself every day, and that will drive you to succeed.


Peter MorrisPeter Morris
President, CEO, and Portfolio Manager, Homestead Funds, Inc. (retired)

I found that the principle of Occam’s Razor (simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones) when applied to investment management probably helped me more than any other approach in the decision-making process.


Loren Hiratzka '66Loren HiraTzka ’66
Cardiothoracic surgeon

 Consider, commit, prepare, then do it.


Facilitate success for those around you.



Ann Murray '86Ann Murray ’86
Chief Administrative Officer, Peak Ten Capital LLC

Your network is your most important asset. Develop, maintain, and engage with the people in your network regularly. I am also a big fan of lists—identify the top things you need to accomplish each day, week, and/or month, and make time in your calendar so they can be addressed.


Richard Williams '63Richard Williams ’63
Partner, Hlustik, Huizenga, Williams & VanderWoude, Ltd

Surround yourself with bright, honest, hardworking people. And once you have engaged with them, continue the association for a long time. Don’t be reluctant to admit you made a wrong decision, and be robust and consistent in opinions you believe are correct. Nothing tops hard work.