One day on the Hilltop: Tina Michel, maintenance technician

Tina Michel is one of three women in the Facilities Services Department, and the first female technician employed by Cornell.

As someone who grew up helping on the family farm, she is hands-on in a variety of maintenance areas. Hired for her carpentry skills, she also assists in grounds work, painting, flooring, drywall, and basic electrical and plumbing. Michel oversees Bowman-Carter Hall (where she enjoys interacting with students), Van Etten-Lacy House, Hansen House, and Cornell’s rental homes.

Tina Michel at meeting
Michel stays informed on developments at the college by attending monthly all-staff Campus Currents meetings.
Tina Michel in carpentry shop
After taking measurements at Brackett House, Michel uses a compound miter saw in the carpentry shop to cut Brackett House lattice backing to the appropriate length. She discovered the backing needed replacing after removing the lattice to clean dryer vents.
Tina Michel at lunch
Michel often joins her co-workers and other staff for lunch at the Hilltop Café.
Tina Michel and Johnny Olshewsky
Johnny Olshewsky hands a light cover to Michel as they finish converting the outdoor pole light to LED.
Tina Michel in truck
Michel is back at Brackett House to replace the lattice backing she made. At the van, she is determining which tools are needed for the job.
Tina Michel patching drywall
After patching drywall in preparation for hanging a new restroom sign in Cole Library, Michel cleans up her work area. On any given day Michel can be found in numerous campus locations assisting with work orders.