One day on the Hilltop: Seth Wing, coach

In eight seasons head coach Seth Wing has reshaped Cornell’s baseball program and this year, for the first time, they competed in the NCAA Division III national tournament. His job involves skills seen in every office on campus, including recruiting, marketing, budgeting, fundraising, advising, and health and counseling.

Seth Wing with recruits
Wing meets with two prospective student-athletes in the Thomas Commons during a visit day. He typically spends time with their parents during visits as well, as one of his major responsibilities is recruiting. Wing’s 2019 roster has a record 55 players.
Seth Wing on the baseball field
Wing and the players are on the field typically two hours before games start for field prep and warmup. After the game they clean up the field. This year’s schedule had 65 varsity and varsity-reserve games.
Seth Wing in the dugout
Wing coaches from the dugout. He says less than 10% of his job is spent on the field, even though there are many games in their 19-week season.
Seth Wing coaches base runners
Wing coaches base runners during the game.
Seth Wing at his desk
After the game is over, Wing heads to his office to review the many statistics involved in the sport.