One day on the Hilltop: Isis (Ici) Collier ’19, kinesiology and music major

When Ici (pronounced icy) Collier isn’t pursuing her dual dreams of being a personal trainer and a studio musician, you’ll find her participating in events as a member of BACO (Black Awareness Cultural Organization) and working as part of Cornell’s phone team in the Alumni and Advancement Office. 

She’s from the St. Thomas Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Two days before graduation she received the Senior Award, recognizing her as the outstanding senior who contributed to a sense of campus community while performing well academically.

Ici Collier in class
During Block 8 Collier has morning class, Exercise Testing and Prescription with Professor of Kinesiology Kristi Meyer ’01. One of her dreams is to be a personal trainer.
Ici Collier working out
Collier works out with her friends at the Meyer Strength Training Center after class. If not lifting weights, she often studies or practices before eating lunch at noon. Besides being a kinesiology student and athlete, Collier is the captain of the step and dance team PINQ, and fitness is important to a lot of what she does.
Ici Collier and friend in Thomas Commons
After working out, Collier walks to the Thomas Commons where she bumps into her friend Keenan in the lobby, and they exchange gifts.
Ici Collier preparing salad
Collier puts together her lunch at the Hilltop Café.
Ici Collier eating lunch
Collier eats lunch with friends. During lacrosse and soccer seasons, she often eats dinner with the team after practice.
Ici Collier at orchestra rehearsal
Music is a big part of Collier’s life at Cornell. She studies violin and piano and plays lead pan in the Pandemonium steel drum band. Two evenings a week she has back-to-back rehearsals with Pandemonium and orchestra on the King Chapel stage.
Ici Collier at lacrosse practice
Collier joined the lacrosse team her first year after she injured her ankle and could not play on the soccer team. Her soccer coach suggested she try out for lacrosse because it would be a great way to stay in shape. After that first year, Collier played both soccer and lacrosse.
Ici Collier plays lacrosse
Collier at lacrosse practice.