Curiosity, a love for learning

Belou Quimby ʼ19 Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majorBelou Quimby ʼ19 embraces new experiences with an enthusiasm that is as contagious as her bubbly personality. She leads by example and no doubt has inspired many of her peers, faculty, and staff around campus to embrace the adventurous journey that a curious mind creates in its wake.

Let’s take a look at how she came about her major and minor—a biochemistry and molecular biology major with a minor in theatre. Belou’s interest in science and her desire to become a vet led her toward a degree that aligned to the prerequisites needed for a veterinary graduate school—a linear and logical choice. Her minor in theatre, however, results from the flexibility of the block plan’s role in encouraging the liberal arts mission of exploration. Belou picked up her minor after taking Costume Construction and Stage Makeup, discovering a new passion she didn’t even know existed.

When Belou realized she was at Cornell not just to get the grades, but to fully embrace her love for learning, her motivation in classes increased.

“I love to learn,” Belou says, “yet, I had forgotten about this passion of mine! I spent a few classes only working toward the grade and not enjoying the content that was being taught to me.”

“Now I look at the challenge of a class as a motivator to enjoy the class, enjoy my classmates, take advantage of the vast knowledge of our professors, and soak up as much as I can during my 18 days.”

Belou sees this as part of her personal growth that she would not have otherwise achieved except through her experiences at Cornell.

“I’ve grown into an adult that I am proud to be, and am confident in my ability to thrive upon graduating, knowing I got everything that I could have gotten out of my time here at Cornell,” she says.

She has taken on a lot and met with great success during her four years—research on monarch butterflies in Iowa, on deer in California, and a Cornell Fellowship focused on fruit bats in the Mariana Islands (where her colleagues named a bat after her). Of course, she also tackled countless hours of lab work for each of her science classes and, in typical Belou style, dove in with a cheerful disposition and a passion for learning.

Belou’s Hilltop Favorites


“King Chapel because it is so beautiful! It is beautiful at all times of the year and all times of the day. It is especially beautiful when there is a bright sunset, as the pinks in the sky reflect off of the stone.”


“I enjoy the salad bar [at the Hilltop]. It is always there for me when I need it. Otherwise, the pasta bakes they make are really good.”

Club or organization:

“Slick Shoes—the ballroom, Latin, and swing dancing club on campus! I have been involved since my first year, and have been president of the club for the past two years! Being a part of this club has allowed me to build my teamwork and leadership skills, as well as teaching skills (I teach dancing lessons to my peers) and organizing skills. I have grown in my confidence with this club and the people in it, not only on the dance floor but in all other aspects of my life. Additionally, Deep Water, the Christian fellowship club on campus, which continually gave me support through my four years.”