Learning history on the fly

Some of us procrastinate. Some of us avoid procrastination—that’s Cate LiaBraaten ՚12. This accomplished history grad (graduated cum laude) attributes One Course At A Time for her ability to focus.

Cate LiaBraaten '12 pictured with her husband, Tim Bingham '13.
Cate LiaBraaten ’12 pictured with her husband, Tim Bingham ’13.

“[One Course] taught me how to manage my time and to not be overwhelmed by large amounts of material,” LiaBraaten says. “It also taught me flexibility and helped me develop the mindset necessary to learn new skills on the fly.”

LiaBraaten is a published and award-winning academic within the field of history. (You can view her list of publications and awards online.) She earned her master’s degree in historical administration from Eastern Illinois University (graduating with distinction) and began a career as a museum professional. Currently, she is working on her Ph.D. at Loyola University Chicago in a dual Ph.D. program in U.S. history and public history. She is the Vickie Burke Intern for Women’s History at the Evanston Women’s History Project and is a teaching assistant at Loyola.  

One of the reasons LiaBraaten chose Cornell was for the opportunity to travel and those blocks she spent abroad are some of her favorite memories along with her involvement in Performing Arts and Activities Council (PAAC) and making new friends—like Tim Bingham ՚12, who is now her husband.

“I’m a first-generation college student, and Cornell can be intimidating for students like me, but thanks to many lovely people I met there I was able to make it a second home,” says LiaBraaten.

She says Cornell is a very special place and has some advice for the new class of students coming to the Hilltop.

“Take advantage of the fact that it’s easy to get absorbed in the community and make the Hilltop your home,” LiaBraaten says. “However, Cornell is not the only special place! Explore nearby towns and take advantage of opportunities to leave campus when you can.”