Kohl pursues opportunities after Cornell

Aubrey Kohl '17Life after Cornell started with a year of service for Aubrey Kohl ՚17 who studied politics and history with a minor in Spanish.

As an Americorps member, Kohl worked with City Year Boston to mentor and guide students within the schools. She provided academic and behavioral support to a classroom of 25 third grade students. Kohl and her team worked to keep the students on track to graduate high school. They also provided an enrichment program after school.

Kohl recommends the Americorps experience to anyone interested in education or nonprofit management, saying it can be a solid springboard to a career.

Now, Kohl is a postgraduate student at Cardiff University in Wales studying social and public policy. She credits One Course At A Time with preparing her for both experiences.  

“It prepared me to critically analyze the work that I do,” says Kohl. “It also has given me self-confidence. I can build a career that will allow me to have a positive impact on the world. I mean, look what I did in a block.”

Kohl appreciates the courses at Cornell that encouraged her to hone her creativity and critical thinking skills. Kohl feels that the opportunities she has pursued in Wales and Boston allowed her to develop a better understanding of herself and that is reflected in the work she does.

“I would say my continued personal and professional growth are sources of pride for me,” says Kohl.

Although it wasn’t that long ago that Kohl walked the paths along the Hilltop, she still reminisces about those days.

“I find myself often reminiscing on moments spent with my mock trial teammates as well as the coursemates I traveled abroad with—[we] shared uplifting experiences outside of the classroom, such as blasting Disney music on the way to tournaments—[these] are ones I will always treasure,” Kohl says.

Kohl has some advice for students interested in Cornell.

Visit first if you can, or talk to alumni,” Kohl says. “Get a sense of the feel and character of the school. Take some time and get to know Cornell and what it has to offer for you.”