On Topic: Your new campus building

What was your new campus building and how did it benefit you?

1957 Cole Library: Dan Kellams ’58

Dan-Kellams-58“The Cole Bin was so ramshackle it could have been mistaken for a roadhouse on the outskirts of a small Iowa town. The new social center, a clean well-lighted place, was a joy to seniors who had anticipated its coming for years. The old library also had a small-town feel—more than 100 Carnegie libraries were built in Iowa during the early 20th Century. We were told that the grand new library would have carrels—whatever they were.”

1966 Commons: Carol Shiner Wilson ’68

Carol-Shiner-Wilson-’68“The buzz was the eye-catching orange carpet in the pit. What were the possibilities for this new space? It was fun to be in the pit and waving to friends above AND to be above the pit waving to friends below. Definitely a welcoming place.”

1976 West Science: Chris Ellerbroek ’77

Chris-Ellerbroek-'77“I spent the fall overseas, and returned to take Advanced Lab and Quantum Mechanics in the new West Science Center. I was astounded by the quality of the laboratories. It was the best in the Midwest.”

1986 Small Multi-Sport Center arena: Karen Radke ’87

Karen-Radke-'87“I was an all American track athlete who threw shot put. Having the arena was so wonderful because it gave us an opportunity to practice at a top-rate facility instead of going to the alumni gym or other schools. It was so great to finish out my athletic career at such a quality place.”