Jennifer Quindry Shorr ’04 assists Berry Career Institute

Jennifer Quindry Shorr ’04 assists the Berry Career Institute by hosting Career Tours and hiring Cornellians. 

She is Assistant Vice President, Administration & Travel Services Manager, The Jacobson Group, Chicago.

Schorr also recommended the hiring of Lushana Peterson ’15 and Lenny Bloom ’17 by her firm.

Jennifer-Quindry-Shorr-’04“My motivation behind it all is simple. I want Cornell students to feel they have an advocate, a cheerleader, and a trusted adviser ready to support them beyond graduation. I know the innate spirit of individuals who choose to be Cornellians. I have met and befriended many Cornellians that all share that vigor and hunger for something more, regardless of their generation, background, upbringing, or academic major. I hope that the guidance (and comfort) I can offer to my fellow Cornellians helps propel them in their journey for more.”