Chef Smigo discusses healthy eating on radio show

Bon Appétit at Cornell College Executive Chef David Smigo was interviewed on WMT radio’s morning show on Jan. 8, 2019.

David SmigoHe discussed ways to eat healthier in the new year. During the interview, he suggested adding more simple ingredients and plant proteins to your diet. Smigo also suggested thinking about saying no to morning sweets like pastries and trying a smoothie.

“One of the things we do a lot in the mornings is adding the simple greens, kale or spinach, to touch it up a little bit. [Then add] a little lemon, something to keep the flavors bright. Once you keep your palate on that, you stay away from the sweets as much,” Smigo told WMT.

Smigo enjoys creating fresh, flavorful foods using local whole ingredients, and enjoys using these products in all cuisines. He has a special fondness for international cuisines and vegan creations.