Newbold to study econometrics, data analytics in Arizona

Husani Newbold ’18 came to Cornell College from the Bahamas, and now this runner is taking another leap to Arizona. He’ll put the skills he has learned through his business analytics major to work as he pursues a master’s in econometrics and data analytics at the University of Arizona.

The senior says he repeatedly answers the question of how he chose Cornell.

“I sought Cornell simply because it was something different: a new and unfamiliar location with an unorthodox curriculum, something perfect for a first-generation college student, who wanted to do things their way and have the most unique and fulfilling experience possible,” Newbold said.

Newbold says his experience was filled with many leadership opportunities, which wasn’t something he expected of himself. During his time on the Hilltop, he became a resident assistant, peer advocate, Student Senate Representative, and broke school records as a member of the track and field team. 

Husani Newbold '18
Husani Newbold ’18

Now he’ll take his leadership skills, analytics know-how, and all of his experiences with him to the next chapter in his life.

“I was provided the opportunity to explore new and amazing places and meet people from all over the globe,” Newbold said. “Furthermore, I know the doors opened for me while at Cornell will provide me with more of the same opportunities for years to come.” 

Q: What activities, clubs, organizations, or work-study positions were you involved in at Cornell?

A: I was involved in the track and field team, Student Senate, Civic Engagement Office, Cornell Office of Marketing and Communications, and Enactus to name a few. These opportunities allowed me to learn outside of the classroom, expand my network, and make lots of new friends.

Q: What is your biggest academic accomplishment?

A: My biggest academic accomplishment is the work I am doing for my senior seminar in analytics. I’m working with real data from ACT to help them improve their business processes.

What Cornell experiences prepared you for your post-Cornell plans?

Definitely, all these years of many, great economics and analytics classes, the two internships Cornell connected me to provide real-world applications, and the experiences gained through the many leadership roles as a peer advocate, resident assistant, etc., gave me a myriad of useful skills to apply to my everyday life.    

Who was your Cornell mentor, or what person on campus had the biggest impact on you?

Jerome Savitsky, who is a frequent professor and advisor. He pushed me a lot inside the classroom and out. He also gave me lots of great advice, which helped me navigate through college and life after.

How did One Course At A Time impact your education?

The intense focus and pace of the block plan have made me, in my opinion, a lot more efficient and productive. I feel as if I am able to handle and manage any workload thrown my way.

What do you most value about your Cornell education?

I valued the liberal arts aspect. While I’ve gained lots of useful skills pertinent to my field in my main classes, through my liberal arts education I am certain I have become a much better writer, presenter, communicator of ideas, and well-rounded learner.

Why did you choose Cornell?

I was excited about the block plan and also a new and different location in Iowa.

What would you tell a prospective student about Cornell?

I would say that Cornell is a great place with many wonderful opportunities that can truly change your life if you take advantage of them!

Is there someone else who has inspired you?

My mother!

Did you participate in Alternative Spring Break or another service?

Yes, I participated in ASB during my sophomore year in which I joined a group going to Washington, D.C., to help with the issue of homelessness and poverty.

Favorite study spot?

Cole Library

What surprised you most about your time at Cornell?

I am probably most surprised about the amount I’ve grown and the breadth of opportunities I was able to receive from this small town in Iowa.

Which part of campus has special meaning for you?

Small Multi-Sport Center

What have been your most meaningful experiences beyond the classroom?

The internship opportunities I pursued helped me to gain real-world skills and figure out exactly what I wanted to do in life.