‘Iowa nice’ plays big role in Delgado Pimentel’s success

Anthony Delgado Pimentel ʼ18 came to Iowa to attend Cornell College despite his family’s and friends’ doubts about what life at a campus in a small Iowa town would be like. Delgado knew he would thrive in a smaller college community where he would not feel hidden in the crowd.

“I was never into very large schools because I felt I would get lost in the sea of students and my concerns would go unanswered,” Delgado Pimentel said. “The small community feel of Cornell definitely was the right fit for me.”

The computer science major from the Dominican Republic doesn’t hesitate to offer advice to anyone considering Cornell.

“Don’t let what other people tell you get in the way of a great education. If you want a small, student-centered environment, Cornell is a great choice,” he said.

Anthony Delgado Pimentel '18
Anthony Delgado Pimentel ’18

Q: What clubs and organizations were you involved in at Cornell?

A: I was the Treasurer of Math Club, a member of Food Recovery Network, and involved in the Cornell LEADS (Leadership, Entrepreneurship, And Distinctive Service) program. These out of class activities gave me an opportunity to join something that’s bigger than myself. To work with other Cornellians on a common cause was an invaluable experience because it taught me a lot about soft skills and how to work as a team.

Q: What are your post-Cornell plans?
A: I will be going to visit my parents in the Dominican Republic for a month before returning to Iowa. I will be working for a small insurance company in Des Moines as an application programmer. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and I cannot wait.

Q: What Cornell experiences prepared you for this?

A: I think One Course At A Time definitely helped me develop better time management skills and allowed me to learn the conditions under which I am most productive. I suffer from chronic procrastination, so I quickly had to learn to overcome it. I also think the computer science department as a whole has been very proactive in helping prepare me for the job market. The topics covered in classes, even if not directly related to what students will do at their first job, teach vital fundamental principles that can be applied broadly.

Q: Who had the biggest impact on you while you were at Cornell?

A: I had multiple mentors from varying departments. Professor James Freeman from the math department helped me figure out what I like and don’t like, as well as general life advice. In the computer science department, Professor Leon Tabak and Professor Ross Sowell have served as great resources for advice on career decisions. I owe a huge thank you to the whole Berry Career Institute; I cannot say enough about how fantastic and helpful they were with the whole finding an internship and job process. Every student should take full advantage of that resource and all they offer.

Q: How did One Course At A Time impact your education?

A: The depth that I am able to experience in classes is far greater than on a semester plan for two big reasons: The first is the amount of time we spend in class each day (4 hours) gives us more time to put focused effort into learning. The second reason is having a professor so readily available makes a world of a difference. I’m able to ask questions as they arise, which I’ve found helps cement the knowledge. That’s just not something that is easily accomplished on a semester plan.

Q: What surprised you most about your time at Cornell?

A: People in Iowa are so nice! I was very taken aback when I came here. I love it though!