On Topic: How would you describe the spirit of Cornell?

Kim Cuevas '20How would you describe the spirit of Cornell?

“I think the people here are so nice. Coming from the East Coast, people aren’t always so nice. Here everyone accepts you, you get along with the hall-mates you live with, and people just say ‘hi’ even if they don’t know you. It’s pretty nice to be here.”

Kimberly Cuevas ’20
Camden, New Jersey

Niloofar Kamran“Walking on campus, everybody is warm, inviting, and kind. I cannot be happier and feel more welcomed in a workplace where I get to be around people who I proudly choose to be my family at work.”

Niloofar Kamran
Assistant professor of physics and engineering


Kelly Mickael '18“Caring is such a core value here. You see on campus where all these groups come together for fundraising for charities. We care so much, we care too much. It’s amazing what we do for each other.”

Kelly Mickael ’18
Burlington, Iowa

James Richards“The spirit of Cornell College is peppy and intrepid, rich with life and hospitality, atop a charming landscape. Everyday I feel more a part of something bigger—something important—something good.”

James Richards
Bon Appetit general manager

Gary Stinocher“While working on campus I get to be a part of the ‘Ram Family,’ where everyone on staff contributes in their own way to the success of our students. I am so thankful to work side by side, at Cornell College, with people who have some of the biggest dreams, hardest work ethics, and kindest hearts.”

Gary Stinocher
General grounds maintenance worker

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