Johnson featured in Bicycling magazine

Professor of Kinesiology Christi Johnson was recently interviewed for an article in the magazine Bicycling.

Christi JohnsonThe article, “How to Break Down the Barriers that Keep You Off Your Bike,” includes several quotes from Johnson, who studies and teaches sports and exercise psychology.

“Many of us live under a tyranny of what we perceive as cultural expectation,” Johnson told the reporter. “We are supposed to be busy with work. Our houses are supposed to be perfect. Our lawns are supposed to be immaculate. If we work outside the house, we’re supposed to want to cherish every free second with our children, not spend two hours doing something for ourselves like going for a bike ride.”

Instead, Johnson recommends focusing on three key things—why you ride, what you’re good at, and who you ride with—to start.

According to its website, Bicycling is the world’s leading cycling magazine and connects with millions of active, affluent professionals for whom cycling is the centerpiece of a vibrant, experiential lifestyle.