Cornell adds anthropology major

Starting in fall 2018, Cornell College students will be able to enroll in a new anthropology major.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Misha Quill
Assistant Professor of Anthropology Misha Quill

Anthropology courses have been offered in the past, but this is the first time the college will provide the full major.

“We’re excited to make this update to our program,” said Assistant Professor of Anthropology Misha Quill. “This will allow our students to go deeper into the field of anthropology, exploring the everyday lived experiences of people around the world.”

Among a variety of opportunities within the new anthropology major, students will be able to take trips off campus to places such as Ireland and Nepal, study archaeological field methods, participate in intensive research opportunities, take day-long field trips to nearby communities, and listen to guest speakers during courses on campus.

Anthropology is a field of study that offers opportunities to examine what it means to be human, and to think critically about the complex influences of history, tradition, social norms, religions, families, global and local systems of power, innovation, and individual agency. Thinking anthropologically allows students to explore the rich diversity in human life and encourages respect for individuals and for other cultures.

Students can major (or minor) in either sociology or anthropology or combine the two disciplines for a sociology and anthropology major.

Students who major or minor in anthropology go on to careers in a wide variety of fields, including international development, global public health, non-profit work, museums, UX (user experience) analysis, market research, social services, and cultural resource management.

Sociology and anthropology courses also contribute to the following interdisciplinary programs: Gender, sexuality, and women’s studies; archaeology; ethnic studies; environmental studies; international relations; and civic engagement.