Hankins mentioned in Virginia Woolf article

Professor Leslie Kathleen Hankins was mentioned in a recent article by Washington State University celebrating the 100th anniversary of Virginia Woolf’s letterpress, Hogarth Press.

The article, “Ends Feb. 23: 100 years of Hogarth Press celebrated in WSU exhibit,” says:

Hogarth Press also paved the way for other independent publishers to continue the Woolfs’ dedication to a lost art [hand-printed books], publishers like Making Waves Press, started by Woolf scholar Leslie Kathleen Hankins. 

Photo of Professor Leslie Kathleen Hankins working with students
Professor Leslie Kathleen Hankins

“She has followed in Virginia Woolf’s footsteps and learned to set type, along with all the other techniques, traditional and current, of the publication of all kinds of printed visual and verbal material, from single sheets to books,” said Diane Gillespie, WSU professor emerita of English. “I applaud this hands-on involvement with the written word and the visual creativity that often accompanies it.”