Student, professor create ‘Funky Science’ videos

A room in West Hall was transformed from a science classroom into a workshop for the Cornell Summer Research Institute.

Student, professor create YouTube videosMackenzie Crow ’18 and Professor of Physics Derin Sherman created new YouTube science videos with one goal in mind.

“We are creating educational physics videos, designed specifically to get people excited about science,” Crow said.

“You have a number of students who are increasingly turned off by science for whatever reason, and we want to get people involved in science,” Sherman said. “The world is becoming more and more scientific, not less and less scientific.”

They’re calling the videos “Funky Science.”Student, professor create YouTube videos

In one video, this team demonstrates a polychrome strobe light, which produces different colored flashes of light to study waves. 

Another video demonstrates how they built an air table, which helps understand the laws of motion. They wanted to make the projects easy and affordable, so they used supplies that student would have access to.

To learn more about their project, watch their video story: