Nadel wins conference prize for research presentation

Samantha Nadel ’19 recently won the undergraduate poster competition for her research poster presentation at the 75th annual Plains Anthropological Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Photo of Samantha Nadel with research poster
Samantha Nadel ’19

Her poster was titled “An XRF and ICP Spectroscopy Analysis of Ceramics from the Huston-Fox Site (39MD133), Meade County, South Dakota,” and it was co-authored by Lynn M. Alex from the University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist and Cornell College Professor of Chemistry Cindy Strong.

“This conference benefitted me in multiple, clear ways,” Nadel said. “First of all, it was an excellent networking opportunity. Almost every person I talked to seemed impressed, and as a result, I exchanged business cards with multiple people who will likely be key in my professional and academic development.”

This was Samantha’s first opportunity to present at a professional conference. Her research was funded by the the Cornell Summer Research Institute and her trip was partially funded by the Berry Career Institute. Nadel believes her time at Cornell prepared her for the conference.

“My success in difficult classes and encouragement from professors gave me the confidence to stand in front of my work for over two hours and answer questions from dozens of strangers without being overcome by nerves,” Nadel said. “The small labs have allowed me to gain hands-on experience with half a dozen analytical instruments, while the small lectures have taught me the science that explains how they work; this is partially what impressed so many people with whom I spoke. Above all, my position with CSRI allowed me to complete the research that I presented at the conference, and for that, I am truly grateful.”

Now that the conference is over, Nadel said she feels inspired to continue her research, work to publish her findings, and pursue an undergraduate research position next summer.