Cornell College, Harper College announce Dual Degree Program

Cornell College and William Rainey Harper College, located in Palatine, Illinois, are working together to address the need for highly-educated workers in the region.

The colleges have signed an agreement that builds a strong relationship between the curriculums of both institutions, making it easier for students to get an associate degree from Harper and follow through to get a bachelor’s degree at Cornell. Students can do it all in just four years.

The Dual Degree Program sets up a path to success for Harper students who designate their desire to attend Cornell early on. It guarantees acceptance to Cornell with all credits transferring, allows students to compete for exclusive scholarships, and provides students with academic advisors from both institutions who regularly work with the students. Students will spend two years at Harper and two years at Cornell.

An articulation component of the agreement also outlines the opportunity for any student who has earned an Associate of Arts degree from Harper to easily transfer to Cornell as a junior with all of their general education courses fulfilled.

“The agreement between Cornell College and Harper College will allow transfer students the opportunity for a seamless transfer, allowing them to stay on track for graduation,” said Cornell College Transfer Coordinator Sharon Grice. “Transfer students are often times frustrated by the transfer process itself but these agreements provide a true pathway for a student to follow. Financially, they will be rewarded for their hard work by qualifying for exclusive scholarship opportunities.”

“We always stress to our students the importance of finishing what they start, and this partnership with Cornell College provides another clear path for students to reach their educational goals,” said Harper College Director of Admissions Outreach Bob Parzy.

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