Robert Rowland ’47

Robert Rowland '47
Robert Rowland ’47

Biophysicist Robert Rowland ’47 died March 19 in Chicago, Illinois, at age 94. He spent most of his career as a scientist, researcher, and administrator at Argonne National Laboratory. He retired in 1983 as director for biomedical and environmental research.

After graduating from Cornell, he earned a master of science degree in physics from the University of Illinois, a doctorate in radiation biology from the University of Illinois, and a master’s of business administration from the University of Rochester. During World War II he served as a meteorologist in the Army Air Force. He joined the Argonne lab in 1950.

He was a member of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements, and a consultant to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. During his career he published more than 50 scientific articles on radiation biology, and wrote a book, “Radium in Humans: A Review of U.S. Studies.”

He is survived by his wife, Ann, three children, seven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.