Discovery made at science construction site

Construction crews at Cornell College recently unearthed a surprising discovery at the site of the future Russell Science Center. About 10 feet underground were the remains of a limestone and mortared brick structure.

Leah Rogers, Tallgrass Archaeology LLC, 04/17/2017
Leah Rogers, Tallgrass Archaeology LLC, 04/17/2017

A professional archaeologist, Leah Rogers of Tallgrass Archaeology LLC, was called in to investigate. She inspected the site as well as maps from 1894 to 1941, concluding that the feature may be part of the city’s early water system. After consulting with the Office of the State Archaeologist, she recommended leaving the feature intact with no further excavation.

Rogers also recommended that the college consult its archives and consider the findings for a future historical research project.

Based on her report the college will pursue no further excavation of that area. This does not impact the Russell Science Center project, which will continue as planned. And a future archival history project is now waiting to be explored.