Incoming theatre faculty usher in new era of dance and acting

Changes within the theatre department are setting the stage for an innovative year filled with new opportunities.

The department has welcomed two new faculty members—Dance Artist in Residence Alvon Reed and Professor of Theatre Caroline Price.

Dance Artist in Residence Alvon Reed

Alvon Reed recently graduated from the University of Iowa with his M.F.A in dance with an emphasis in choreography. Reed will begin a new program in dance for the theatre department at Cornell College. He’ll teach a wide range of styles from musical theatre jazz to improvisation and collaborative performance.

Professor Caroline Price performing in “As you Like It”

“The profession is changing a lot. Now, more than ever, casting directors want you to have the ability to dance, sing, and act with ease,” Reed said. “So, adding a dance component to the theatre component makes the students more well-rounded and prepared to compete in today’s professional world.”

Professor Price has studied with the Playwrights Theatre of New York, The school for Film and Television, and has received her M.F.A. in acting from Wayne State University. She will focus on teaching acting to the students of Cornell College and knows the One Course At A Time curriculum will pay off for her students.

“To be able to teach a voice and movement class where I’m with the students for 18 days solid and it’s all we are working on—that to me is like going to New York for two weeks and taking an intensive workshop in a certain style or technique,” Price said. “The fact that you get that for four years is just mind blowing to me. All you’re focusing on is one thing at a time—I love that.”

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