Perrine writes opening number for upcoming concert

The very first notes that will be heard at the inaugural University of Iowa Symphony Band concert in Voxman Music Building were written by Cornell College’s very own Composer in Residence Aaron Perrine.
Perrine, who holds a doctoral degree in composition from the University of Iowa, was commissioned to write the opening fanfare for the Oct. 13 concert.

He found his inspiration close to home as he considered the university’s theme of “coming home.”

“I knew I wanted to incorporate that idea into the piece in some way,” Perrine said. “In this case, I went to an Iowa-born poet, Ted Kooser, for inspiration.”

Perrine has been a longtime fan of Kooser, and says he believes Kooser captures the essence of the Midwest like no other. Drawing his inspiration from the words of a poem, he came up with his composition.

“The piece is called ‘A Glimpse of the Eternal,’ taken from a poem by the same name. While the poem is not directly related to the music, I like the abstract connection between the theme of ‘coming home’ and using one of Kooser’s poems. I also think the title is somewhat related to this specific concert, as it will be the first glimpse of the new concert hall in Voxman,” Perrine said.

If you would like to hear Perrine’s creation, you can attend the 7:30 p.m. concert for free in the Voxman Music building on Burlington Street in Iowa City.