Matthew Werner ’96

U.S. Park Ranger Matthew Werner ’96, of Page, Arizona, died Oct. 13, 2015, at age 40. Matthew Werner ’96He became a member of Mensa at age 9, and an Eagle Scout at age 15. He spent much of his youth hiking around the world. He graduated from Cornell College with majors in psychology and philosophy and was a member of Delta Phi Rho.

Werner spent 10 years working as a U.S. park ranger in the Southwest, including three years at Lake Mead National Recreational Area, where he was named Ranger of the Year in 2010. He spent the last five years of his career at Glen Canyon National Recreational Area.

He was a certified structural and wildland firefighter, served as the Station Fire Captain at Glen Canyon, and was a member of the National Structural Fire Instructor Cadre. He was an instructor of Operational Leadership and a member of the Intermountain Incident Management Team. In 2015, he received the Department of the Interior’s Valor Award for his actions and bravery for rescuing an injured climber.

He is survived by his mother and two brothers.