Knoop’s book chosen as outstanding academic title

A book by Cornell College economics and business professor Todd Knoop has been named one of the outstanding academic titles of 2015 by Choice Magazine.

Todd Knoop
Todd Knoop, Professor of Economics and Business

Knoop, the David Joyce professor of economics and business at Cornell College, released his fourth textbook, “Business Cycle Economics: Understanding Recessions and Depressions from Boom to Bust,” earlier this year. It was included on the annual list compiled by Choice that highlights the best scholarly and academic titles.

Choice, a publication of the Association of College and Research Libraries, compiles the list from the titles it reviewed during the calendar year. This year, books from more than 54 disciplines were included. The editors choose titles based on the quality of the scholarship, importance to the field, originality of the treatment, and the importance of the book toward building undergraduate library collections.

According to Choice: “The author delivers on his promise to write a non-technical narrative that is accessible to non-specialist readers. … This book will stir students’ curiosity and encourage their research.”

Knoop’s previous books include “Recessions and Depressions: Understanding Business Cycles,” originally published in 2004 and updated in 2009, and “Modern Financial Macroeconomics: Panics, Crashes, and Crises,” published in 2008, which also examined why economies have up and down cycles.