Gruber-Miller elected VP of Classical League

Cornell College classical studies professor John Gruber Miller has been elected to a two-year term as vice president of the American Classical League.

John Gruber-Miller
John Gruber-Miller

Gruber-Miller, who will assume the office on Jan. 1, 2016, will be responsible for the programming at the ACL Institute, which takes place each summer, and he will serve on the league’s executive committee.

In addition to the ACL, he is a member of the Society for Classical Studies, formerly the American Philological Association. In 2012, he was recognized by the APA for his teaching.

Gruber-Miller, who has taught at Cornell since 1987, is the editor of the 2006 book “When Dead Tongues Speak: Teaching Beginning Greek and Latin,” published by Oxford University Press. He also serves as editor of Teaching Classical Languages, a peer-reviewed, online journal dedicated to Latin and Greek pedagogy; and he maintains two Internet educational sites: Ariadne: Resources for Athenaze and Let’s Review Greek!

“My election comes at a significant moment,” Gruber-Miller said. “The organization is nearing its centennial, and as a result it is doing a self-study and reorganization of its structure and redesigning its website.”

The American Classical League was founded in 1919 and is dedicated to the preservation and advancement of teaching Latin, Greek, and the ancient world. The League includes teachers of Latin, Greek, and Classics on the elementary, secondary, and college levels and offers scholarships, a job placement bureau, and Teaching Materials Resource Center.