In the moment

Commencement is a loud event. There’s music and cheering, boisterous celebration, and tearful goodbyes. There are also quiet moments. Moments when the cheering and the celebration disappear for just a moment, leaving behind the relationships that make the entire Cornell experience, from orientation to Commencement, so meaningful.


  • Story-related photo 1964

    Father David Feliz, graduate Ray Feliz, and brother Gabriel review photos to inspire the younger Feliz that one day it will be him in cap and gown.

  • Story-related photo 1963

    In the final moments before graduation festivities begin, Lushana Peterson’s father tells her how proud he is.

  • Story-related photo 1966

    Dean of Students Heidi Levine instructs the members of the Class of 2015 in the process that will culminate in their walks across the stage to receive their degrees.

  • Story-related photo 1965

    Rachel Mazorow reaches up to straighten James Thompson’s mortar board as they prepare to process to the Commencement ceremony.

  • Story-related photo 1968

    Professor of art history Ellen Hoobler adjusts Shena McAuliffe’s hood. McAuliffe is the Robert P. Dana Emerging Writer Fellow.

  • Story-related photo 1967

    While waiting for the Commencement procession to form, professors Brian Nowak-Thompson (biology and chemistry, left) and Tyler Skorczewski (mathematics and statistics) use calculus to solve a question about soil physiology.

  • Story-related photo 1969

    Audrey Zannini (left) and Tyler VanderGaast find their names in the official list of graduates.

  • Story-related photo 1971

    The culmination of four years arrives as Kelly Oeltjenbruns embraces President Jonathan Brand and receives her degree.

  • Story-related photo 1970

    Lorraine Roge-Jones poses for a selfie with Paul Hutchison ’87, Alumni Association board member. Hutchison invited every graduate to join him for a selfie; a composite video with his message to the class can be seen at