Letters Spring 2015

Thoughts on food, Paul Christiansen

Paul Christiansen
Late biology Professor Paul Christiansen, who was named by Gary Nabhan ’73 as a major influence in an interview in the Fall 2014 Cornell Report.

Thank you for the “Future in Food” feature in the Cornell Report. I was pleased to see a special focus on local and healthy foods.

As the director of the University of Iowa Office of Sustainability, I can tell you that the issue of food—in all aspects—is white-hot with students. They are passionately interested in local foods, food security, urban food organizations, food-health connections, ethnic foodways and many, many other areas. It is gratifying to see so many young people wanting to improve and strengthen these systems.

Both Dana [Christiansen ’79] and I were also moved by Gary Nabhan ’73’s kind words about biology professor Paul Christiansen. Paul was a loving father and father-in-law and a wonderful mentor. He was an inspiration and model to us for his professional integrity and unending environmental advocacy. We miss him and think of him every day.

Liz Hicken Christiansen ’79
Iowa City, Iowa